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Rani Sheikh lives with her mother-in-law in a small village near Hoshangabad. All these years Rani has been unaware of operating simple things related to banking. But now she has gained enough confidence to make transactions on her own.

Few months back when her husband started working as a labourer with a construction company in Mumbai, she had the need to open a bank account. With no option left in her hand, she visited a local tailor’s shop with her mother-in-law. As it was her first time visiting a ‘bank’ the shop owner who is empowered with the Evolute microATM helped her out. By just providing her Aadhaar number and through biometric authentication Rani was able to open her bank account in a matter of 5 minutes.

Rani’s mother-in-law Salma Sheikh also accepts the fact that everything is now faster and more efficient than before. It connects you to people even when you are far away from them.

Doorstep Banking is one such innovation for them that can be accessed in 10 mins with minimal documentation. It helps Rani collect money sent by her husband in no time and is also hassle free.

Woman like Rani inspire us to create options that can reach the remotest of areas and bring in smiles on peoples faces one day at a time.

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