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#Techlayetarakki : Tech for Positive Impact

Shanti Bai lives in a village in Sehore district where she runs a grocery store. She is eligible for pension for which she waits for the 10th of every month. Previously she faced many problems dealing with the bank. She had to walk a lot and she didn’t know how to do the paper work.[...]
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#Techlayetarakki : Tech for Success

Reena Bai lives with her 2 children and her husband, who is a bangle vendor in the village of Bamuliya. She has just joined in 6 months back. Earlier she passed her day simply doing chores of the house, taking care of her 2 kids and helping her husband in his shop. Now that she[...]
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#Techlayetarakki : Tech for Transformation

Sugan Ba lives in the village of Uljhawan with her husband, son and daughter-in-law. Her family is involved in farming. She has been associated with the Self-Help Group (SHG) for 2 years and at the age of 58 she now heads a SHG. Her son recently got married and when asked whether her daughter-in-law will[...]
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#Techlayetarakki : Tech for Prosperity

Meet Mr. Dayashankar, he runs a tailoring business in Raipur. He started his shop in 2016 and has been working hard to support his family of 4. He leads a simple life. However, the income wasn’t enough to make his ends meet. He thought working extra outside his tailoring business would help him out in[...]
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#Techlayetarakki : Tech for Change

Rani Sheikh lives with her mother-in-law in a small village near Hoshangabad. All these years Rani has been unaware of operating simple things related to banking. But now she has gained enough confidence to make transactions on her own. Few months back when her husband started working as a labourer with a construction company in[...]
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#Techlayetarakki : Tech For Growth

Dinesh has been working as a bike mechanic for the last 8 years. With this work he just about managed a basic income and supported his family of 5. This would have continued until a visit to the annual village fair transformed his life and made him think of opportunities that he hadn’t thought of[...]
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