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Rakesh Shirke stays in a town, about 100 kms from Nashik and runs his own vegetable shop which is doing very well. He often works until 10pm at night, being able to sell his vegetables even after sundown. The family, with a wife and two school going kids is far more comfortable today than a few years back when they struggled to make ends meet.

Rajesh’s wife has taken on tailoring assignments which she manages once the family sleeps. Working well into the night, Sushma is self-sufficient today and also makes a significant contribution to the household income.

A few years ago, the Shirke family lived a very different life. Rakesh worked as a laborer on a construction site and barely earned enough money to get the family’s basic means met. Each day was a struggle and they somehow couldn’t imagine a way to get out of the vicious poverty circle that they were in.

When one of Rakesh’s friend suggested Viti Lite – a solar powered lighting solution, a ray of hope suddenly emerged on the bleak horizon. Rakesh started thinking of setting up his own business using this cost-effective power solution that could beat all the intermittent power cuts in the village. Simultaneously, Sushma also felt excited with this option and started exploring ways to work in the night once she was free from her family duties.

Solar power-based solution that significantly and positively impacts developing nations such as India- is the perfect answer to helping millions pursue their dreams and live their ambitions. Solar Lighting solution such as Viti Liteoffers cost-effective modes of supplying amenity power for lighting and appliances to remote off-grid households. In rural areas especially, SLS can be used to meet a household’s energy demand fulfilling basic electric needs. Globally these systems provide power to hundreds of thousands of households in remote locations where electrification by the grid is a challenge.

Viti by Evolute is a Solar Lighting solutionthat was created keeping in mind families such as the Shirkes. Understanding their needs, pain points and deep desires, the team at Evolute innovated a solution that could bring light to such families lives. It has been designed in a manner that is affordable and hassle free making it the perfect and handy solution to beat frequent power cuts.

The Shirke family’s income has grown 2x in the 6 months of having shifted to this entrepreneurial venture. Not only is the additional income a welcome change, the confidence and satisfaction on Rakesh’s face is evident. He now imagines a brighter future for his family and is assured of being able to achieving his goals.

How a simple solution can turnaround a life is what warms our heart and boosts our spirit each day. We at Evolute are helping build the nation, each family and each smile at a time. And for families like the Shirke’s we are helping them find their own Ujala!


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